Chevron Burlap Monogram All Seasons Wreath

Ever since we got our new house I have been really wanting to spruce up our front door with a new wreath that was a all season theme.

Chevron Burlap Monogram Wreath 7

Don’t get me wrong I love and make wreaths from all seasons like my “Spooky” Halloween wreath and my Holiday wreath (pictured below) but I wanted something that I can put up in between seasons

Holiday Monogram Wreath

It was quick and easy for me to make this.  I think I spent maybe 1 hour on it!  The time consuming part would be making the rosettes, but I make those a lot with wreaths so it gets easier each time.

The price of the wreath to make was less than $20 too!

I love doing crafts that are budget friendly because, it means I have more money to spend on wine : )

When I decided on the color story, I had to take in mind that I have a very dark brown espresso color door.  I needed bright colors that pop that you can see from the street and in low light

I love doing things on the wreath that are different from what I see.   Instead of gluing the letter onto the wreath I stapled it to wreath by using fishing line so it has that floating look to it.

Chevron Burlap Monogram Wreath 8

The rosettes are way easier than they look.  I know people sometimes like to “blow smoke” but I am not kidding, it does take practice and I still think mine need work.

Just be careful making the rosettes with a hot glue gun and don’t make the mistake like I did!  I burnt the shit out of my fingers and I think I have no finger print on the right thumb LOL

I have a small tutorial on how I make them here

Chevron Burlap Monogram Wreath 3

Making wreaths are pretty fun when you think about it.  The whole process is a way to get creative while decorating your home at a low cost.

I can’t wait to make my next one but I will wait and let this one sit on my new door for a while!

DIY Spooky Halloween Wreath

Yesterday, I went with my friend Megan to Hobby Lobby and decided I would make my first Halloween themed wreath!!  Do you like????

It’s so much cheaper to make your own wreaths than paying for them to be made.  Everything I need for this wreath was less than $25 if you consider the 40% off all Fall and Halloween merchandise at Hobby Lobby.  I also have the phone app where I can use a 40% off coupon from there too!  Bargains and Hobby Lobby make me happy…

I love me some burlap (yep that’s how I sound when I talk about burlap) so I decided to do that as my main item of the wreath!


I wanna say that it took maybe 30 mins total to make my wreath but count in the constant interuptions from my 3 year old and a play date with my friend Megan that involved cocktails than yes it took me… 4 hours!  Just kidding a total of 3o mins!

To make this really easy wreath, I started to out the with making orange rosets.  If y0u want to know how I make these you can find it in my blog post for 4th of July plaque


Once I finished all the rosets and let the glue dry I wrapped the wreath I in the chevron printed burlap.

Once I got the wreath all wrapped up, I hung up the wooden word “spooky” with fishing line to it looks like its floating.  The last step I took was hot glueing the fake spider web on the back and put the plastic spiders on the web!

Pretty neat and simple!  Now I don’t feel so left out on my street due to my lacking Halloween decorations!

Shortly after posting this, I was contacted by Design Threads to let me know that they featured my spooky wreath on their website!!!

Design Threads Blog Post

DIY Wedding Table Number Holders

Today I wanted to share one of my favorite projects, DIY wedding table number holders!

When planning my wedding they didn’t have Pinterest!!  Can you think of a day when we didn’t have PinterestMe either!!! 

I had to actually think of ways to cuts costs on my own but still keep it classy

One of the things I decided to do, actually cost around $20 and it was really easy…this made me really happy!!!

DIY Wedding Table Number Holders

I first started with little frames I got from the Dollar Store.  I then spray painted them with a texture type copper color to go with my wedding colors.  I went through and got all of my favorite pics of me and the hubs and made them all the same color to match the wedding colors.  At the time I didn’t have Photoshop, so I used a free editing program to turn all the pics sepia.  I recommend PicMonkey, it’s free and awesome!  You can actually add the numbers on the pics your self with an editing program, then print them out!!!

wedding stuff

Pardon my photography skills on this blog post…def before my time getting a dslr

Once the wedding was over I actually reused the frames.

When we moved to WA, I had a wine/tuscan themed kitchen.  I then put all of my favorite wine labels in them and hung them around my kitchen!


Not too shabby for $20 huh?  Cheap and genius in my opinion!

Red, White and Blue Wall Plaque

Today I wanted to share with you a project that I created for my guest post on one of my favorite blogs Hubby Made Me. 

I love decorating for 4th of July and had a lot of fun making this wall plaque.  Not only is this project super easy, its cheap too!

Start with a blank piece of wood any size you would like.  I actually got this from Wal-Mart but you can also get one from any craft store.

This part depends on the size of wood you purchased, but you measure horizontally and put down Frog Tape to make lines to get ready to paint.Go ahead and paint the each individual lines from Navy blue to ivory. You can use whatever kind of paint you like.  I did the blues first, let them dry then I did the ivory.Next, I had this old metal star laying around, you can actually get one at any craft store.  I painted it with the spray paint & primer mix.  I am a huge fan of spray paint!  I keep tons all different colors for any projects I have.Here in this pic you can see why I painted it white first, so you can still kind of see it under the red paint.  I like the finish of the paint when it dried.  Here I used Acrylic burgundy color.Next, you want to go ahead and staple some hemp rope on the back of the plaque so it can hold.  The size of rope just depends on size of the plaque you use.I purchased this small scrapbook wooden piece from Michaels.  I loved it as soon as I had seen it.  I figured it would add a little something for 4th of July.  I always have Mod Podge laying around, but you want use it to layer of the scrapbook piece. You want to put 2 or 3 layers over it.  It also leaves a glossy finish on the plaque.  If you want your plaque outside, you want to use the Mod Podge Outdoor.Next, you want to trace over the star because you are going to cover the star with a 4th of July pattern of scrapbook paper of your choice.  You can even do all different patters on the star too. After you trace the triangles, cut them out and then layer the star.  You want to first cover the star with Mod Podge, then fit the triangles on the star then cover with another layer of Mod Podge.  When it dries, its then clean and glossy.This part is probably the trickiest part of the whole project.  I had a roll of Burlap and wanted to make a rosette for the top so that the nail doesn’t show when you hang the plaque.  To make the rosette, you want to cute a long piece off of the burlap roll.  Then fold it in half and twist and roll it up at the same time.  Once it is all rolled up, you want to hot glue gun the bottom to hold it together.  The rosette will depend on the size of the plaque.  Last, you want to Hot glue gun the star onto the plaque.  I also wanted to add just a little bit more color, so I found some Red, White & Blue scrap material and ripped a piece off and tied it up top with the rosette.You can also just use it as a plaque without the hemp rope too.There you have it!  I hope you have as much fun creating this as I did!

Weston’s Circus 1st Birthday Party

Yesterday we had Weston’s Circus themed first birthday Party! It was such a great time! I think I had the most fun planning it and making most of the decorations. Weston seemed to have fun too. He was so excited for his party, that we tried multiple times to put him down for a nap but it wasnt happening. He seemed to do fine for the first couple of hours but we had to speed up the process of cake and presents because of course he was getting fussy. For the party we decided to have grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and a few sides. Eric usually hates it when I throw parties because thats what I like to do and sometimes (usually) I go a little overboard. This time he was very content that I actually stayed within my budget. We invited a few of our good close friends that we have met here in WA, and I was happy my mom flew in for the party too. My mom purchased balloons and made a couple of balloon animals and all the kiddos were making their own balloon designs. It rained of and on all day so when it wasnt raining the kids ran around or sat and watched Megamind. Once Weston opened all his gifts the kiddos all enjoyed them while he watched.

These are the invitions for the party. I ordered them from Dimple Prints on Etsy. Dimple Prints also designed the theme form the decoration. They do the design, then you print them out on your own. I decided to up it a notch on the invites and cut out cardstock in the colors of Weston’s theme, then I glued the cardstock to the invite to make the wording and colors pop.

I dont do alot of baking. So after searching for the perfect smoosh cake, I found this cake at Safeway. Its a large sun cake. It kinda resembled a clown and it was the colors of the party so I just purchased it. When we were looking at cakes Weston had his eyes feasted on this one!

I always love lots of funny pics at the parties I throw. I found this embroidered circus picture banner from Michael’s in the clearance aisle for $5.99. Really great buy I think! Many people had fun with this and I got some really great pictures!

This is a small view of the party from our living room

Here is the dessert table. Some of the things on the table are caramel apples, cotton candy, popcorn, salt water taffy, cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels and animal crackers. In the background are the kids goody bags. I purchased all the popcorn tins and bag from the Dollar Tree. I just so happen to come across them looking for serving bowls. The popcorn bags were for people to fill and take whatever treats home with them in them.

These are the cupcake toppers I made. I used my scalloped hole punches to cut out the different designs that I had printed out. I then used a larger scalloped hole punch to cut out another size of designs and used foam dots to stick them together. Since I do not do a whole lot of baking, my good friend Abby wanted to make the cupcakes and I couldnt pass that up. She loves to bake and it shows, the cupcakes were so good. She also made the icing to match the colors of the party!

These were one of my favorites at the party. I love cotton candy! As another item for people to take in their goody bags I made mini bags of cotton candy. I found mini plastic bags, and cotton candy at Wal-Mart. I then stuffed the bags with just a little tasting of cotton candy so everyone can get their sugar fix!

These were alot of fun to make too! I just took pretzel rods and dipped them in white chocolate and then decorated them with sugar sprinkles in the colors of the party theme. Then I tied the top with favor tags that said “Thank you for a roaring good time -Weston” I then cut them out
with different sizes of a scalloped edge square hole punch in all different colors and glued them together.

These are the goody bags I made for the kiddos. I purchased the colored bags at Michaels and glued cut outs of pictures from the party theme on different colors of carstock. I filled them with crazy straws, bubbles, candy and punch ball balloons.

You cant really see it that well but this is the banner I had made with cut out of the designs from the party theme. I also made the banner too. I made it with ribbon and cardstock

This is just a better view of the pretzel rod bouquet of all the different colors of the party

Weston’s party seemed to be a huge success! I was really glad how everything turned out. I wouldnt have it any other way. We are very thankful for those who came and shared such a wonderful day with us. We are lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives. I am happy to also share his first birthday party with those who werent able to attend. Altogether we had a wonderful day!